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About Us

Kiddygram Montessori School is a private institution founded in January 1995 by the Helwani family. This is the 21st year of its establishment.

Mrs. Victoria Helwani is the Executive directress and proprietress of the school. The school offers children between 1 – 5 years the best education and loving care, ensuring that God willing, every child reaches his/her full potential.

Our motto is “Caring to Learn and Learning to Care”.


Kiddygram endeavor to instill in each child a desire for the acquisition of knowledge through creative use of educational and re-creational tools to learn and develop his/her full capacity.


We are consistently working on developing academic excellence, with holistic approach for all, using innovative models for early childhood and basic education, by serving and enhancing a global community that respects pupils, inspires teachers, build strong ties with families, striving to change the face of early childhood education.


Kiddygram seeks not to impose knowledge, but to bring out the best in each of its students academically, psychologically, emotionally and socially. With special focus on each individual, we inspire our pupils to develop their innate abilities and co-ordinate the expression of these abilities for the enrichment and progress of our society.


Dedicated to promote a quality educational environment for children, and giving them a road map to the world, by helping to develop flexible, confident competent independent learners who gain skills that does not only prepare them for school but to become productive members of society and Global digital citizens having understanding of the world at large and loving to learn how to learn.



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