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Kiddygram Montessori uses the Montessori Method of educating children. It was founded by an Italian physician and educationist, Dr. Maria Montessori in 1870 – 1952. It is a child’s centred approach in educating the whole of the child that is physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development. We operate in an attractive stimulating and prepared environment where children are allowed freedom within limits (which is governed by classroom and ground rules that the children are trained to follow).

Kiddygram Montessori offers children freedom in the classroom to move around and choose their activities or work. Children in Kiddygram work according to their own potential or ability through special Montessori materials where the children are encouraged and directed to work by the teacher who in our environment is known as the directress. The directress or teacher ensures that the children exhibit good discipline. Children are encouraged to observe rules that no action of theirs must infringe on other children’s right to learn. Value is put on good manners and politeness to all. A reasonably quiet and orderly environment is maintained where children learn the ART OF DISCIPLNE.

Working with the Montessori equipment, helps to develop the children’s individual basic skills, and independence, increase their concentration span and gives them and excellent understanding of the world and their environment. Emphasis is placed on fewer children to teacher ratio 6 – 1 maximum 8 – 1 to ensure each child reaches an excellent standard of work while learning at his/her own speed or pace.

Children are also encouraged to participate in-group activities, this is important to developing sense of self in a social context. It also gives children the opportunity to interact with others and therefore develop their social skills. Children are encouraged to take turn to follow direction and learn the basic rules of society.

Kiddygram’s program is therefore planned to be implemented with attention to different needs, interest, and developmental levels of each child by consistently accepting, encouraging and nurturing his/her growth.

Each day is made up of group and individual activities, teacher-directed and child initiated activities, active and quiet activities, included in our program are, stories, cultural dancing, drama, rhymes, finger plays, music, art, library, physical education, E-learning, Mathematic, English, Science, Geography, History, environmental studies (French newly introduced for 2008). Based on this curricular, the plan is to give each child an opportunity to learn the active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and materials. Learning activities and materials are concrete and relevant to the children’s lives.

Kiddygram caters for the children’s holistic development that is academic, emotional, cultural, physical, social and spiritual development of each child. In practical terms we at Kiddygram endeavour to instill in each child a desire for the acquisition of knowledge through creative use of educational and recreational tools directed and interactive lessons by the child to learn and develop to his or her full capacity.


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